All consultations and advice are given 100% free of charge in an effort to demonstrate our unwavering dedication to support and assist athletic professionals in their endeavor to get more than what they currently receive.

The purpose of ODLife (the Organization) is to provide academic, athletic, and life skills education to youth athletes in need of assistance. The Organization has been constructed exclusively for educational purposes only. Furthermore, the Organization shall provide, upon request, educational services in developmental transition from amateur to professional status. The Organization shall teach amateur athletes skills necessary to become well-rounded citizens and individuals outside of athletics including but not limited to the arenas of citizenship, family life, professional, and business endeavors.

Any fees earned by agents through the agent-evaluation process help to create a platform that supports retired players in need.

NCAA by-law states that an athlete shall be deemed ineligible if he or she accepts benefits from agents or marketing representatives. The rule further states that student-athletes, their family or friends cannot receive benefits or loans from agents. Additionally, NCAA by-law states that athletes cannot receive preferential treatment, benefits or services because of the individual's athletics reputation or skill or pay-back potential as a professional athlete, unless such treatment, benefits or services are specifically permitted under NCAA legislation.

Services provided by O-D Life include the following vital facets:

Agent / Representation Analysis
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, O-D Life is going to do what it takes to keep athletes well-informed of the pitfalls of high-profile athletics as well as alert them to those specific representatives shown in the past to harm alumni through unscrupulous practices. In addition, we will recommend those agents and representatives with stellar ethical and financial records.

Business Management & Development
The Company will offer business management and consulting advice to alumni who want to start their own business in entertainment and lifestyle related fields.† The Companyís ownership has expertise in operating and running business organizations and has personal relationships with owners and entrepreneurs in various fields of business and entertainment.

High-profile Investments
Alumni will be offered the ability to invest their money in high profile investments in several different industries, e.g. Music, Restaurant/Clubs, Film, Television, Broadway, Fashion, Sports Franchises, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: All investments involve different degrees of risk. You should be aware of your risk tolerance level and financial situations at all times. Please understand that any losses are attributed to market forces beyond the control or prediction of O-DLife, nor will O-DLife be held accountable for any possible losses.
  • 13 Seconds Film - 13 Seconds will be a first of itís kind. Itís a gritty tale about making choices, and the effect those choices have on our lives. With this film, we hope to raise awareness in our cities about ďat riskĒ youth, inspiring not only others to help out, but kids who are facing situations similar to Chris, our protagonist.
  • Offense-Defense All-American Bowl - The O-D All-American Bowl is now entering its 5th consecutive year of operation and continues its proud tradition as a springboard to bigger and better things. The 2010 NFL Draft marked the entry of members of the inaugural Bowl class (2007) into the National Football League. With players like Dez Bryant, Joe Haden, Rolando McClain, Earl Thomas, Carlos Dunlap, and Golden Tate going in the first two rounds alone, the O-D All-American Bowl is already leaving its mark by providing the stage for the best future stars the league will have to offer.
  • O-DLife Boca Chica Resort - This housing development is located in Key West, Florida and will include 45 homesites, the first ten of which for sale will include a boat slip. Boat slips will be available at a cost to ALL additional home owners. Each homesite will have immaculate vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. This private community will include plenty of private dining and exclusive shopping options for residents. A full community center and private beach are only a few of the additional amenities on tap. Prices for these homes make this a great investment opportunity.
  • Ickey Woods Foundation - The Ickey Woods Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization established to provide guidance and mentoring to at risk inner city youth in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.†The "Shuffle to Success" program seeks to develop its participants (the Icksters) through various activites based on the "Whole Person" concept which simply states that all individuals can achieve their full potential when they are developed physically, mentally (intellectually) and spiritually (service to others).
  • Nutrition 53 - The inspiration for the premium supplement company began with one manís quest for optimal performance on the football field. For Bill Romanoski, performance wasnít just a passion; it was a way of life. In his 16 year career in the NFL that included an almost unthinkable 243 consecutive games highlighted by five Super Bowls, he showed the kind of awe-inspiring skill and accomplishment that earned him a place in the national spotlight. So, too, did a passion for the game so intense it earned him an enduring reputation for unbridled ferocity. As an athlete, he learned firsthand the power of nutrition from the leaders in the field. Believing that he was only as strong as his weakest link, he spread his knowledge and resources for the betterment of his teammates throughout his career.
  • Carter Brothers - Carter Brothers, LLC is a leading electronic security and fire and life safety firm specializing in closed circuit television, access control, burglar alarm, fire and life safety systems as well as project management services.
  • Marshall Faulk Foundation - The Marshall Faulk Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for San Diego youth by increasing opportunities for them to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. By building corporate partnerships within the community, we are able to provide financial assistance to projects focusing primarily on sports development and education. Through our efforts we are able to touch the lives of children in Southern California in a positive way, encouraging them to become the leaders of tomorrow.
  • California Canine Solutions - Jas Leveretteís California Canine Solutions†offers premier dog training services in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We specialize in aggressive dog training, beginning through advanced obedience and socialization.
Public Relations & Marketing Services
Company will provide a comprehensive Publicity and Marketing strategy for all of their alumni depending on the alumniís specific needs and objectives.† Once the Strategy is in place the Company will contact the appropriate strategic Partner in the Publicity and Marketing field. †

Legal Services
The Company will provide in-house counsel as well as use its vast network of referrals to cover all of our alumniís legal needs.

Family & Substance Abuse Counseling
The Company will provide assistance for alumni who are seeking Family and Substance Abuse Counseling.† The Company has partnered with a New York based Company called Community Counseling and Mediation to provide access to CCM Mental Health Clinics & Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs.

NFL rules advisement
alumni, through analysts, will be kept up to speed on the latest rules and rule changes throughout the league in an effort to avoid any possible faultless missteps or clear up any existing confusion.

Football Camp Development and Appearances
alumni will have unique opportunities through the firm to gain post (or present) playing career employment and income through partnerships with and appearances at Offense-Defense Football Camps.

If you would like in depth info on all of the O-DLife services, please email for the free password.
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