For years, we've been immeasurably disappointed with the style and manner in which professional athletes have been shuttled out of the game and their representation's good graces as soon as they've completed their active service to their sport.

When a professional athlete is in his prime, the world is his or her oyster. Every door opens and no plea goes unanswered. Nobody cares for or assists these same athletes after they've left the "protective" arms of their agent. No one seems to want to stick around when the big money checks stop coming in. In fact, sadly, over 70% of professional athletes are divorced within one year of their last game and after two years even more are forced to file for bankruptcy.

No one is there to look out for the retired hero. No one is there to protect against the disasters that seek out the formerly high-profile. There's no one to lean on when the game day warrior has nothing to do on game day anymore but sit at home…damaged, crippled, and desperate.

The pattern must end.

At O-D Life, we simply love football and the athletes too much to allow this to continue. For over 41 years, we've been training athletes as young as seven years old through to their high school careers. We start by teaching them to play the game the right way and leave them with the confidence and abilities they need to be prep and college-level heroes. A whopping 75% of athletes trained at our academies go on to receive scholarships to play ball collegiately, a number we've historically been very proud of.

After high school, regretfully, our hand is forced and we must let go of our players, our family members, and let them fend for their own in the oft-times cutthroat world of high-level sports. As our coaches are culled from the professional ranks, they're no longer able to instruct athletes at the college level due to eligibility concerns and so we end up having no further active bearing on these young athletes' lives.

As such, we felt the time right to MAKE things right by completing the full circle of football education with O-D Exclusive Life Management. No longer will we be forced to let go of our extended family because we're "only" an instructional organization. As a Life Management firm, we're able to reach out to those athletes in and out of the game, helping children know their parents and keeping families and lives whole. Our aim is to help players live the normal, happy, safe, and secure lives they deserve whether they are still playing or are retired.

From health management, career guides, agent analysis, rare investment opportunities, counseling services, and everything in between, this proactive effort on our part will help to change stereotypes about athletes and representation agencies. You won't be a statistic. There is no place in our company for making a living on the blood off of a hardworking, honest man or woman, only to discard them after they have served their purpose.

Our goal is simple: we have a persistent vision to maintain and better the lives of our athletes, whenever and wherever they happen to reach out to us.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are, O-D Life is there. When you're with O-D, our mission is to be there for you both on the field and off for as long as you need us.

We're proud to offer the best of the best treatment and respect that athletes of all ages and all walks of life have become accustomed to and expect.

Welcome to O-D Life.

Agents and Marketing Reps with a history of issues

O-D has worked with every agent in the business during the last 12 years, and have come to learn a great deal about these individuals. As in any field, there are some individuals who are more credible than others. Some agents provide O-DLife a stipend if any of our players sign with them. These stipends are NOT a finder's fee. Any fee we receive is for the understanding that during certain player's careers with that agent, O-DLife will make sure that said agent will honor every promise he has made to the player and his family prior to his signing, as well as making sure that he is negotiating the best possible deals for the player, and making sure the player's image is always one that he and his family are proud of. When there is an issue with any of this, O-DLife steps in and makes all parties aware of what must be improved. We are only capable of providing this service, always free of charge to the player, because of our vast knowledge and 42 years of experience in the industry. We are not involved to please the agent, rather to make sure that the player has the fulfilling, prosperous, and safe career that he and his family deserve.

O-DLife never picks the agent for you. We simply take your preferential information regarding what you're looking for in your agent, and tell you the top-5 or more that best fit your specifications. We do not and will not simply provide you with agents that offer us stipends. It's important you are aware of this so that you are not told different from any agent for his own benefit. Please advise us of any agent that claims such and we will confidentially investigate this agent's intentions. Again, our fee NEVER comes from a player's pocket and any stipends that we do receive to our non-profit organization, are used to assist the retired 1800+ NFL alumni involved with O-DLife who may be in a family, financial, or health crisis.

There are a great deal of players who respect our initiative to ensure that more players won't be fleeced by agents as hundreds upon hundreds of hard-working players have before them. We request that any agent who attempts to utilize our assistance to their advantage, and more importantly, if he attempts initiate other arrangements, to be viewed skeptically as these are traditionally the individuals with whom players have lost the most from signing with.

As you can imagine, our services haven’t made us very popular with some agents because we are going to hold them accountable for their promises to the athlete and family. However, the time has come for players to finally get the respect they have earned and to be treated as they deserve and never taken advantage of.

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